Thursday, May 26, 2011

Voodoo and Po'Boys

Today we took our time exploring New Orleans, and went to St. Louis Cemetery #1 where Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau  is buried. Legend has it that if you knock on her tomb, ask her for something, and leave her an offering, your wish will be granted. 

Of course there are other versions of this (marking it with three X's), but it's truly interesting to see all of this history. There are also those who know nothing about her, as was proven by a mom telling her teenage daughters that she was a porn star. Good job lady. 

Afterwards we walked by Brad and Angie's house again, and are 80% sure we saw Angelina Jolie. We were down the street a bit, but this woman was saying goodbye to someone at the house (not Brad), as she got into an SUV that had come out of their garage. She had a hat and sunglasses on, but her voice sounded like Angelina', we'll just say that we saw her!

We had lunch at the Green Goddess (delicious!), and dinner at the Acme Oyster House (also delicious!). At lunch we made a dog friend named Pickles, and her owner had a basket for her on his bike. The picture of them doesn't give Pickles justice! You can barely see her! No oysters at dinner as we feared we wouldn't like them. Next time though!

Pickles and her owner (you can kind of see her)
Also, next time we plan on taking an entire city tour since most of our trip revolved around the French Quarter. 

Tomorrow we're off to Avery Island and the Tabasco Plant, and then overnighting it in Natchez, MS. The hotel says they aren't flooded, so wish us luck!

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