Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventures in Pop Culture: Kids Collectibles

The other day we stopped over at Michael's and saw the newest craze to hit the little kid market: Silly Bandz. Well, we'd already heard about them (and apparently there are knock off versions, which will automatically make you uncool if your mom buys them for you), and are still kicking ourselves for not coming up with something so simple yet profitable.

So there we are, looking at these specially shaped rubber bands, when what appears in front of us? Iwako erasers! Erasers that come in various shapes and cause children to run amuck in the streets. Not to mention their crazy moms that will knock you down to get them.
We had little knickknacks to trade when we were little, but when did it become a craze? It must have started with those damn Beanie Babies.

Happy adventuring!

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