Monday, May 23, 2011

Destin-ation New Orleans

Sorry for the delay in an actual post until today- our Destin hotel had less than stellar wi-fi. We're now sitting in our New Orleans hotel room (which is very historic), and are deciding what to do this evening. 

Anyway, back to yesterday. We ate lunch at a wings joint (which we mentioned before was not impressive), and then we relaxed until our sunset dolphin cruise. It was awesome! We took the Sea Blaster, which is a giant speed boat that holds 100 people. They had free beer, wine, and soda, and we saw dolphins and had a great ride! 

Check out our video that we will post TONIGHT (it has to upload), and be sure to watch the whole thing because there are dolphins throughout. We had the best seats too since everyone had filled in the "good" front seats, we sat alone in the back. Woohoo!

After that we ate dinner at The Shed. Amazing brisket and overall a cool joint. It's been featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network. Brad, the head chef and owner is competing on Best in Smoke

A great last night in Destin, only to be woken up this morning at 7am by a car alarm that went off for at least 5 minutes. With the person in it not caring! Oh well. On our way out we stopped at The Donut Hole, picked up a slice of Key Lime pie (delicious!) and some donuts for our trip.

Happy to be in New Orleans and can't wait to explore!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Have a blast in New Orleans & I hope you can hook up with our relatives - William is sure to be a kick butt tour guide!



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