Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank you kindly, Jack

Today we set off for Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Boy was it a beautiful place. Streams and trees, and just overall well put together. Our tour was very educational and our tour guide, Ron, was awesome. 

 Jack Daniel fun facts: 

Jack Daniel was only 5' 2"
They make all their barrels by hand, and sell them after they've been used once.
Jack learned whiskey making from a Lutheran minister that he lived with.
It's the oldest registered distillery in the US.

See if you can find Jack in the photo bellow. It's the last known photo of him! (Hint: he's wearing a white hat)

After our hour tour, Chunk bought a bottle of Jack Daniel's Limited Edition American Forests. You see, the county is dry, but you're technically buying a commemorative bottle. The whiskey just happens to be free. Sneaky, sneaky.

We then checked out downtown Lynchburg (not very big), and had some delicious BBQ. We headed out, and decided to stop in Chattanooga to check out Lookout Mountain. We'll admit we were drawn in by billboards, but it was definitely an interesting experience.

So now we write from Asheville (sorry it's so late! it took us a while to get here!), and await a day at the Biltmore Estate. More on that tomorrow! 

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