Saturday, May 21, 2011

Destin, The Land of Sugar White Sand

Our first day in Destin has gone pretty well. We slept in (till 9!) and headed to the beach. The hotel has a boardwalk that takes you there, and after a few minutes we found ourselves standing on soft white sand, blue green water as far as the eye can see!

Very beautiful, and the sand is definitely the whitest and softest we've ever seen! Apparently it's quartz, and back in the day traders would sell it as sugar! Those dirty rats! Haha.

Chunk got a bit burned, even though we were only out for an hour, so we headed out for lunch at  Another Broken Egg Cafe. Delicious! KJ had an omlette with cream cheese, bacon, and chorizo, while Chunk had eggs benedict with grilled tomatoes and a bacon "crunch". 

We also checked out the Okaloosa Beach boardwalk, a gaudy souvenir store (that happens to also be a chain) called Alvin's Island, and then picked up some beer to enjoy back at the beach by our hotel. The beach right next to us is Miramar Beach, but they truly go on for miles. 

Tomorrow we're going to go on a sunset dolphin cruise which should be awesome! 

1 comment:

  1. Beach looks awesome , so does the foods. Take some cool pictures on the cruise. Looking forward to seeing a sunset cruise.



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