Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Little Place Known As Texas

We hit the road with excitement in our blood and passion in our hearts. Our destination? Houston, Texas. Our friends just moved there from San Francisco, and we thought what a perfect time to visit! Plus, Midwest weather was moving us to take a spring break trip somewhere. 

Located in Collinsville, IL
You know we love a good cheesy roadside attraction, so we quickly stopped at the "World's Largest Ketchup Bottle". We the headed to St. Louis (however, not really on the way) for a quick peak at the Gateway Arch. Wowza is that thing big! We nervously bought tickets to ascend to the top of the arch, but once we got loaded into the tiny pods (photo to come) to ride up to the top, all our anxieties melted away. We saw some pretty cool views of St. Louis before heading on our way to Houston. 

At the very top of the arch. 630ft!
After some frustrating traffic, delirium started to set in an we stopped at a hotel in Little Rock, AR. After deciding there wasn't much to see (sorry Arkansas!), we made the rest of the trip to Houston. Our friends M and I greeted us with open arms, and we hit up the town for some dinner and adult beverages. We'll have a ton of updates and more photos, but here's just a glimpse into our Texas road trip.

Happy adventuring! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Texas, Here We Come!

Our apologies for not being present for a while, but life has "gotten hectic" for a bit, but we're back now and headed for Texas in a few weeks! Specifically Houston and the surrounding area. And of course we are road-tripping it there! Any thoughts on what we should do or see? 


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