Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Picture Show!

Saturday we took in AMC's Best Picture Show- read 5 of the Oscar nominated films all in one day! We didn't have the opportunity to do the full 9 in one day (not sure if we'd stay awake), but it was definitely cool. 

Not only did we use our Stubs Card (seriously, get one of these, loads of bonuses), but because we used it we got free $$ to spend! We got giant movie sized posters with all the nominees, fancy lanyards with passes, and KJ even won a free ticket for getting a trivia question right. Score!

We got to see:

It really didn't seem like we were at the movies for 12 hours, and we'd definitely do it again. With all of our movie going and our free screenings that we get time to time, we've now dubbed ourselves Cinefiles cinephiles as we feel we've crossed over some sort of imaginary movie-going line.

So catch a flick, and as always, happy adventuring!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Epic Romance on Valentine's Day

Thanks to Gofobo we got to see Titanic 3D on Valentine's Day for free! We'd forgotten how awesome that movie is, and they gave us some sweet Titanic swag (see below). We also read that Kate Winslet was a bit nervous about the re-release, but seriously there's nothing to worry about. Your acting is awesome and you look great! Kudos to you and Leo! 

Will you go see it when it's released April 4th? Happy adventuring!


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