Friday, May 13, 2011

Charleston to Orlando

So sorry about the delay in a post. Blogger was down for maintenance! So here is our post from Thursday:

This morning we headed out to Boone Hall Plantation. Boone Hall is also one of America's oldest working, living plantations. They've been continuously growing and producing crops for over 320 years, and while the house that stands there now is not the original, it is still beautiful.

The current house, built in 1936, and plantation have been used in many movies including North and South, Queen, and The Notebook. In 1743, the son of Major John Boone planted live oak trees, arranging them in two evenly spaced rows. Live Oaks are evergreens which means that they are green year round. AMAZING.

Oak Alley
Absolutely gorgeous with Spanish moss and resurrection fern growing on them. Spanish moss attaches itself to the tree, but is not a parasite. And resurrection fern (also not a parasite), grows only when it rains. When it doesn't rain it dries up, but when it rains it becomes green and lush- hence the name! 

We also took a coach tour of the property and our driver (a funny 60 something gentleman) invited us to have mint juleps or Jaeger bombs at his house. We, being the youngest people on the tour laughed when a grandma said, "What's a Jaeger bomb?". His reply..."Red bull and Jaegermeister. It makes you run around the house three times!" Needless to say hilarious.

Slave quarters
Afterwards we headed over to their farmers market for lunch, and picked up some tasty treats to take back home. We also tried boiled peanuts (not our thing...) and peach cider. 

Later we checked out Poe's Tavern, an Edgar Allen Poe themed beach bar. Very neat!

Poe's Tavern
Friday adventures:

We left for Orlando today, stopping in Savannah briefly for a trolley tour of the city. Our trolley driver was very nice, but overly talkative. For example, she pointed out the "JJ's where you can get good sandwiches"....she was talking about a Jimmy John's....Hahahah. Oh trolley lady.

Southern lunch: Moon Pie and RC

 So now we find our selves in Orlando with our friend Kristina, her dog Honey, and her 3 cats. Off to Universal tomorrow! 


  1. Should feel like home with Kristinas 3 cats!

  2. Such awesome sites - so glad that you are having a great time!!! Paint Orlando red with Kristina & above all, continue to ENJOY! Many hugs!



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