Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heatin' Up

We were sad to leave balmy New Orleans today, but excited to check out Avery Island- home of Tabasco Sauce! It's also home to a bird refuge, mainly snowy egrets, and "jungle" gardens.

We got a quick walk through the process of making Tabasco, watched a video, and then saw them bottling it. Interesting fact: They use old barrels from distilleries such as Jack Daniels (see how we connect things?), and age the Tabasco 3 years. Neat!

We tried some Jalepeno ice cream and a Sweet and Spicy ice cream...both were interesting....

Afterwards we drove through the "jungle" gardens and checked out what they call bird city. Really neat and pretty. We even saw gators! However, on the way to the Buddah temple we were viciously attacked by all sorts of bugs. Guess we'll be prepared for summer up north! And have we mentioned how hot it is? It was 95 today! Whoo!

Now we're in Natchez for the night before heading to Memphis. And after waiting for 40 minutes for a carry out pizza at Pizza Hut we are tired. No joke, there were consistently 12 groups of people waiting for their orders, and half the employees were either flirting or walking around pretending nothing was wrong. We've written a note to Pizza Hut, and hey, maybe they'll learn something and we might even get some free pizza! 

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