Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fish and Chips in Charleston

After our quick nap today, we headed downtown to see what Charleston was all about. We drove past Rainbow Row (very colorful), and some amazing looking houses. We parked by White Point Garden and checked out the sites. 

We also checked out Waterfront Park, before eating dinner at The Griffon. Awesome little pub with dollars stapled to the walls as per a tradition dating back to when men, before leaving on a sea voyage, would put their name on a dollar bill, attach it to the wall and could use it when they returned to buy their first drink. We of course had to add our own to the wall! If you're ever in Charleston, go to The Griffon and see if you can find it!

We had some delicious fish and chips- amazing really. KJ had never had fish and chips, and Chunk had only had sub-par versions, so this was truly a great experience. We also enjoyed a couple of local beers before heading out. 

Can't wait for our adventures tomorrow!


  1. Will look for your dollar to use when I need a drink,

  2. Did you see our $1 on the wall?

  3. Hahah anonymous!

    Sorry Liene, we didn't see it! But we're sure it's still there.



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