Sunday, May 15, 2011

Universal, the Land of Water

Thanks for sticking around with us guys! The last two days have been spent at Universal Orlando, and boy have they been fun! We noticed that many of the rides spray water on you, mist water on you, or just generally get some water on you (hence the name of the entry).

Since KJ isn't a fan of big coasters, Chunk and Kristina went on the big ones together. This included The Hulk, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (where you pick your own music!), and Dragon Challenge (previously called Dueling Dragons). 

The Hulk
Chunk and Kristina on the Dragon Challenge
We (all of us!) also went on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Super cool! You get to walk through Hogwarts and then you go on the ride which is inside. You watch a screen and actual scenes (dragons and dementors!) as you are twisted and turned every direction. KJ had her eyes closed the first time, but the two other times she loved it! It's her favorite ride at Universal! We also enjoyed Pumpkin Juice (think apple cider and pear cider with cinnamon) and Butter Beer (cream soda, but more butterscoth-ey).


Hogwarts entrance

 The other rides were also great, but we'd like to comment on a couple of things.

1. When riding a moving walkway, stand right, walk left. Don't stand and block.
2. Respect people's personal space. You don't need to stand millimeters apart. 
3. While Universal is great, they still could learn a thing or two from Disney. Ride attendants should not sing Backstreet Boys while you are waiting for a ride, and refreshment stand operators shouldn't discuss getting off of work in front of guests. 

Overall a great two days. Tomorrow we are hoping to see the shuttle launch, and then we're going to one of the Disney water parks and their mini golf!

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  1. I can JUST imagine the blast that you had the last 2 days! I don't know if I would have braved those roller coasters either - even though I LOVE roller coasters - the Hulk looked a little too scary and I've never been able to force myself to try one where your legs hang! I was thinking about the shuttle launch today when they were talking about it on the news - i REALLY hope you get to see it!!! Keep having fun - hugs & bučas!



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