Monday, May 9, 2011

Music, Food, and a Vacuum Party

After enjoying an amazing breakfast at our hotel (delicious AND free!), we headed over to the Grand Ole Opry. We decided to check out the backstage tour, where we got to go in the artists entrance where we saw members' mail boxes (did you know you can send mail to any member there by simply writing their name and Grand Ole Opry? no address needed!), dressing rooms, and stood on the epic stage. 

We're not huge country fans, but we could definitely appreciate the magnitude of what the Grand Ole Opry is. Pretty cool that it's the longest running radio show (85 years)! Note the circle on the floor where we are standing. They cut that from the original home of the Opry, the Ryman Auditorium. Exceptionally cool if you think about all the singers that have stood on that piece of wood! 

We also went to Cooters- the Duke's of Hazard museum. More of a toy collection than anything, but it was still neat to see. Plus, Chunk got a picture by The General Lee!

Afterwards we headed downtown to the Tennessee State Museum where a brigade of vacuumers descended upon us. Seriously, who vacuums while a museum is open. One vacuumer is rude, two is just ridiculous. Anyway, the museum was alright (free), not sure we'd go back though. 

We then checked out the Country Music Hall of Fame Star Walk Park (less exciting than it sounds), saw the outside of the Hall of Fame (cool building!), and took a stroll down a hoppin' street, where cowboy hats, country music, and beer was aplenty. 

By this time we were famished, but we had already decided where we wanted to eat. The Loveless Cafe. World famous (okay, maybe just US famous), this place is amazingly delicious. It's been featured on Food Network and Travel Channel, and has welcomed a ton of celebrities. We split their famous biscuits that came with our meals (we even got to try sorghum!) and a side of their famed ham. Chunk also enjoyed a BBQ pulled pork omelette, and KJ had meatloaf with a side of mac and cheese and fried okra. Delicious! And we have left overs! 

So tomorrow we're headed to the Jack Daniel's distillery, and then to Asheville! Keep checking back for updates!


  1. Wow !! Looks really yummy ! Maybe u become country music fans?



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