Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caves, America

After waking up early this morning, we started our journey, driving south to Mammoth Cave. On the way we decided that a quick stop at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace was necessary. Kentucky is extremely green and beautiful (and also seems to have a ton to do), so if you haven't been, you should!

This house from the 1800s (above) stands where Abraham Lincoln was born (within the memorial building). Thanks to the very informative park ranger, we found out that the Sinking Spring (above) was where the Lincolns got the name for their farm, and probably where little Abe had his first drink of water. Below we have a pic of KJ standing in front of the memorial, in the exact spot where 5 presidents have given speeches.

We then headed off to Mammoth Cave, where we got tickets for the Frozen Niagara tour. After touring for an hour, we were sad to leave! Definitely go for longer when you're there. They have a lot of tours to choose from, and you can even stay in the park overnight. Super cool.

We also ran into a couple of dinosaurs on our way through Cave City (aka tourist trap). And if you look closely at the picture of the gift shop (below), you'll notice that the candles are from Warm Glow Candle Company (our first stop of our East Coast adventure!)

We're writing from Nashville now, and excited to see what tomorrow holds. Happy adventuring!

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