Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If You Squint....

It's almost like Florida. Indiana has a lot of good things to offer, but it's still Indiana. But today has been so nice that while on a walk you could almost pretend that it was Florida. If not for the lack of palm trees and a sun that seems a bit more tropical. 

So here's a throwback to our trip which now seems ages ago. 

See if you can spot Chunk!
This was taken at Universal Orlando at the end of the Jurassic Park ride. Side note: Last week we saw Jurassic Park in 3D. All we have to say - AWESOME. So fun to see it in theaters again.

Happy adventuring! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who Knew Florida Had Such Great BBQ?

Well, we did actually, but for those of you who don't know Florida is a great place to find great BBQ! You may remember a little post we did back when we visited Destin and we visited The Shed (delicious!). Anyway, our friends K and T took us to 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Winter Garden, which apparently is a type of religion down in Orlando (this was explained to us as we passed numerous cars with 4 Rivers bumper stickers on them).

We arrived at 7pm, an hour before closing, and the line was out the door which we were told was the norm and often times it goes all the way down the street. The line moved fast and it was helpful that they have a giant menu on the wall outside. We settled on the Smokehouse Cuban  with a side of cheesy grits (delicious!) and fried okra (we've had better) and the Signature Angus Brisket with fried pickles and potato salad (both delicious!). 

The Smokehouse Cuban. Along with a side of fried okra and grits.
Signature Angus Brisket.
We can't say enough good things about this place. It's too bad that the internet doesn't have smell-o-vision because we're sure you'd be in heaven. The only real disappointment was that we missed out on getting Cheerwine from the soda fountain! Only available in southern states, we got hooked on it on our southern road trip. 

Anyway, read more about 4 Rivers here. Happy adventuring! 

4 Rivers Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orlando Like You Mean It

Aaand we're back from Orlando. After a few days of recoup we can update with more than just photos on our Facebook page (although those are fun too! And don't forget to like us!). We, of course, tried to pack in as much adventure as possible into our trip. Starting with a trip to Sea World. Chunk especially like the Manta (see below) and the Kraken, while KJ was impressed with the various shows you could see (again, see below).

If you look close, you can see Chunk in the front row with our friend K.
We even made a friend!

So what else did we do? We hit up Universal Studios on Saturday which ended up being craziness on the Studio side since Pitbull was playing a concert later that night. Note to selves: Don't go anywhere where Pitbull will be. Who knew that guy was so popular?
The Jurassic Park ride....can you spot Chunk?
Seuss central in Universal.
 We also enjoyed some Orlando dining including Four Rivers Smokehouse (so delicious! Definitely go there if you're in Orlando.) and Cocoa Beach for a quick jaunt to the ocean. Our trip also included a trip to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon for a day of lounging and even a trip on the water coaster! 

Walt Disney World was accomplished on our final two days in Orlando. We hit up all four parks, enjoying breakfast at Tusker House (now character dining which is so fun!), the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot (how we always manage to be in Disney at this time is beyond me), movie rides at Hollywood Studios and all the magic that the Magic Kingdom always delivers. We even got to scope out some of the new Fantasyland additions, but didn't manage to make it to Be Our Guest Restaurant (next time!).

Big Thunder Railroad

Right outside of Prince Eric's castle
Gaston's Pub, his fountain and Beast's castle in the background
We love WDW, but four parks in two days was a bit intense. Not recommended for those who've never been, and while we got to hit up a lot of the things we wanted to do, we didn't get to do everything we wanted to. We're already planning our next trip back. Perhaps Christmas time?

See more of our adventures on our Facebook page.

Happy Adventuring!


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