Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thanks Cleveland, now on to the Falls!

After a great time with our amazing friends (and only a few "incidents") we're ready to head to Niagara Falls today. Just to recap a few moments of our time here in Cleveland....

  • M tackling the Melt challenge
  • St. Patty's breakfast at Merry Arts, and then ending the night there later
  • Drinking beers downtown while waiting for the parade
  • Standing in a coffee shop for 45 minutes waiting to use the bathroom, and observing a girl puking in the middle of the store
  • The incident at Douche Bag Velvet Dog
  • Hanging out at Harbor Inn and seeing "John Gosslin"
  • Returning to Merry Arts- our favorite Lakewood bar

Now it's off to breakfast and then we're headed out. Thanks again friends!

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