Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, Canada!

After watching Niagara: Legends of Adventure, we headed to the Canadian side of the Falls. (For those of you wondering we skipped the Aquarium because of time constraints). The Canadian side offers awesome views of the Falls and definitely more to do. However, it's a bit hokey in places. What did the world do to deserve a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) store? And why is there a giant Frankenstein holding a cheeseburger? Just saying.

Besides that, we walked along the falls and even did the Journey Behind the Falls, which was pretty cool and gave us some awesome views of the Horseshoe Falls. Afterward, we roamed up Clifton Hill- tourist trap Canada and a bit gaudy, but interesting none the less. We then planned to go see the IMAX Legends and Daredevils movie, but arrived for the special Korean showing since busloads of Koreans were coming in for it. It was kind of funny after we got over the disappointment. Then we decided to check out the casino/hotel next door and split a plate of poutine (my first time trying it!). It was good, but the waiter got tipped only .34 cents by the mopey girls next to us, and some kid walked by, and trying to act cool sarcastically commented on our food by saying, "that looks good". Hahah, so funny lame teenager. It was good, thank you very much.

(Creepy Big Bertha arcade game)

(Clifton Hill- tacky tourist mecca) (Why is there a bag of potatoes?)

We then made our way back across the pedestrian bridge to the US, and are now relaxing in the hotel before getting dinner at the casino- almost the only place to get food on this side. Good thing we stocked up with snacks before leaving home!

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  1. Oh and thanks Canada for asking for $15/Mb roaming data charges, keeping us from updating all day!!
    The big bertha game was in an arcade at the base of the Skylon tower, it looked like it was hopping when it was built, but now is creepy and deserted with old, faded game screens and closed concessions!
    The 2 pics of the falls on the right side of the group of 4 are from the journey behind the falls, we were in these freezing tunnels, looking at the water falling about 5 feet in front of us!



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