Friday, March 19, 2010

Niagara movie

So we just saw this IMAX
Movie about the 12,000 years of Niagara's history. We think we got our hotel in trouble by using a coupon from our lobby that shouldn't have been there we Guess. It was an informative movie,
with humorous acting and heartwarming stories of an old schoolteacher that went over In a barrel with her black cat, which turned white when going over, then she died in poverty. Also a great story from the 60s where a dad, his daughter and son were In a little motorboat when the engine died, the son went over, the daughter was saved in the Nick of time. The daughter was
Screaming about her family, the son was saved by a tourist boat, and they managed to leave out what happened to the dad. -roll credits-
Weird, let's go to Canada!

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