Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...

Yesterday we had a mini adventure to the Indianapolis Zoo. We'd been there before, but since the weather has been amazing we decided that it'd be a great time to go. What's really cool about the Indy Zoo is that it's run 100% on green power. That, and the fact that it's a nice zoo, made us feel good about signing up for the year long membership (which, after 3 visits, pays for itself).

We've never had a membership like this, so that's pretty exciting. Plus, the Zoo is always trying to get new animals and make itself better. For instance, Memorial Day Weekend, they'll be opening the new Cheetah exhibit. Rawr! They even half a tank where you can pet dog sharks - which KJ did (Chunk has also done it, but decided to not this time). Sharks don't feel like one might think. You'll just have to have you own adventure to experience it yourself.

So while it seemed like the parents at the Indy Zoo were smarter than those we saw at the National Zoo, we did observe some obnoxious things...

  • When entering the underwater Dolphin dome, there's a sign on the doors that says no strollers- obviously, we saw multiple mom's taking their SUV strollers into it.
  • A woman decided to hold her child over the railing of the brown bear exhibit. Ok lady, that's why people get attacked at zoos. Genius.
  • We passed by a younger dad who proclaimed he, "ain't giving one more dollar to this place", because he felt, "ripped off. There ain't even any animals out". First of all, yes there were- you were just standing in front of 5 giraffes. Second of all, they aren't going to shock the animals into standing in a crate so that your stupid face can look at them.

We're not exaggerating. Next time you have your own adventure, check out the people around you. We had a great time though (those people were just amusement we could use for our blog).

We also stopped over at the White River Gardens (included with you Zoo entrance). Pretty neat!

We even took a train ride around the plains area of the zoo (fun, even though the train seats are made for kids), and we saw baby lemurs! Super cute, and one of Chunk's favorites!

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