Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dlugach at Bat

Yesterday we joined our friends S and R, along with some youngins for another trip to the Indy Zoo. Good times- we even saw the dolphin show this time. Good show, and not cheesy like some we've seen (read: Shed Aquarium Fantasea show...what's up with the crazy ladies in colorful toilet paper style outfits...good, but truly cheesy).

We did however see some more stupidity...

We then headed to and Indianapolis Indians game where we met up with A. KJ hadn't been to a game since she was 12 or so, and so unsure of what to expect, we were pleasantly surprise. Yeah, the Indians are minor league, but the stadium is pretty nice and our seats we close to the players.

And get this- the most expensive ticket is $14. That's awesome if you're looking for something cheap to do. The beers are pricier, but that's to be expected at a baseball game. As Cubs fans, we still thought it was all a good deal.

We were also entertained by the enormous amount of mascots that were there. Not only was the Indians mascot, Rowdy (a giant red bear), there, but there were about 12 others that ranged from a giant Dunkin Donuts donut to Chester Cheetah to a giant gumby/gingerbread man. Yes! Nothing like a giant onslaught of mascots to make a night fun!

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