Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fudge This, Michigan!

As we write this, we're sitting in a hotel room in Oshkosh, WI, on our way to the Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Milwaukee. How did we get here? Well, some friends of ours got married in Thompsonville, MI at a super cool resort, and instead of going home we decided to hit up the UP (that's Upper Peninsula for all of you unaware).

We arrived in the UP Sunday night, crossing Mackinac Bridge (huge and amazing- see below), and stayed two nights in St. Ignace. We lucked out with location, as the ferry to Mackinac Island was right across the street from our hotel (which, by the way, was a bit old-school, but solid- note the key). 

When we stepped off the ferry Monday afternoon we were met with a barrage of people, bikes, people on bikes, and horse drawn carriages. We spent an hour walking the streets (street, rather) trying to find a place to eat. After settling on a spot, we sat down and weren't greeted or spoken to for 10 minutes. So, instead we left, and found a different spot (where, surprise surprise, another group that had left the aforementioned spot after no greeting, also sat).

The rest of our visit to Mackinac Island involved a trip up the hill to Fort Mackinac (quite a hike, but gorgeous views) and a carriage ride around the island with some super cheesy tour guides. The first guide indulged in only a few jokes, and otherwise entertained us (he also looked like Jake Gyllenhaal- a plus for KJ). Our second guide drove us through the State Park where we got to see Arch Rock. He seemed to enjoy his jokes a little too much for our liking.

And don't worry, we got some fudge. Orange pomegranate and sea salt caramel, as well as some other flavor we can't recall from Sanders. Note: The second photo is from a different fudge shop on the island- they've got something like 17 total!

On our return, we enjoyed dinner at our inn's restaurant where Chunk had a plank steak (apparently planks are HUGE in the UP).

So today we departed for Oshkosh, WI - a good break between there and Milwaukee. Of course we had to do some touristy things, so we stopped at Castle Rock, a cool and very high old-school lookout. Chunk loved it, KJ held on for dear life. 

We also checked out some scenic spots while traveling around the Northern coast of Lake Michigan. 

 We've enjoyed our mini road trip, and can't wait for the Song Festival. Hope to see you there!

Happy adventuring!

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