Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Give Me Your Schnitzel!

The other day we decided to trek over to the east side of Indy to check out the famous Heidelberg Haus. Not sure of what we were walking into, we were surprised by the kitschyness of it. Not that that's bad, but we felt like we were walking through our European grandmothers' basements. Note the decor below:

Since 1968, the Heidelberg Haus has been a fixture in the Indianapolis area, bringing authentic German cuisine and baked goods (as well as groceries, beer steins, and other fun German things) to the Midwest. So we took a seat and out waitress, dressed appropriately in beer maid garb, brought us a menu that basically laid out our choices of various sausages accompanied by rye bread and German potato salad.

The verdict? Delicious! We then checked out the pastry case (obviously), and took home a bevy of cookies and a slice of cake for each of us. All in all it was a good trip, minus the rude dude that barged his way in front of us at the pastry case after we'd waited patiently for almost 10 minutes. Guess some people can't wait for their sugar fix!

Happy adventuring!

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