Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hotel Booking Made Easy?

While planning our Southern adventure (to take place in a few weeks!), we referred a lot to Trip Advisor when checking out attractions and hotel rooms. Now, it's great and all that everyone can voice their own opinions, but in the end, isn't it all subjective?

After carefully considering each hotel booking- we even booked an "iffy" hotel (according to some Trip Advisor contributors)- we are fully satisfied in our choices. At first, the anxiety of spending money on a crappy hotel room bothered KJ, but then she was reminded that there are worse things in life. (Plus, some of those people on Trip Advisor sound like stuck up snobs and they have horrible grammar.)

So here, our top tips for getting the best value from your hotel room:

1. Look for hotels that offer free parking and free internet.
2. Try to get a room at a hotel that offers some sort of free breakfast (it might not be stellar, but it'll fill you up until lunch AND save you money).
3. Keep location in mind. Sometimes proximity to attractions is important, but sometimes staying farther away is cheaper and can work out well, especially if there is public transportation.
4. Shop around- different sites offer different pricing, so don't look at just one website for deals.
5. Check for other freebies! Discount tickets, happy hour, etc. 

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Life's an adventure!

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