Tuesday, December 7, 2010

French Lick Santa Claus

Today we set out on an adventure to Santa Claus, Indiana, in search of some holiday fun. After a few hours in the car, we arrived and were surprised to find that the bulk of the sites were in a strip mall (we were expecting a quaint little street). So, we ventured into the Santa Claus Museum- a place full of the town's history. It had a lot of great history, but someone should really donate some $$$. It was a bit rundown and had horrible fluorescent lighting, but none the less it was truly full of some great (and sometimes creepy- see below) things.

(Can you spot the creepy doll in the display?)

We then ventured next door to the Santa Claus post office, where a group of volunteers known as Santa's Elves answer letters sent to Santa each year. Afterwards, we stopped by the Santa Claus Christmas Store , which had an awesome amount of Santas and other Christmas decor.

We then headed to Santa's Candy Castle (established in 1935)- less candy than we were hoping for, but we did have the most delicious frozen hot chocolate (1/4 lb. of chocolate in each!).

Our last stop in Santa Claus was the Santa Claus statue (dedicated Christmas Day 1935), which still stands in the same site of the original Santa Claus Land (now known as Holiday World), the world's first amusement park!

Since we were done at Santa Claus, we took a quick detour to French Lick. Our main reason was to stop by the casino. While we weren't as lucky as in our Niagara trip, we did get two free t-shirts (aka dust rags) and can now say we've been to French Lick.

All in all, a great day spent together. Happy adventuring! 


  1. Was there a specific kind of candy that you were looking for that you didn't find at the castle?

  2. "someone should really donate some $$$" - since museum admission is a voluntary donation, most people put very little or nothing in the donation box. These same people complain about the museum not being bigger or being run down. I wonder how much you donated to the museum when you visted...



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