Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peace, Love & Pie

Our apologies to our faithful readers for not updating lately. We've had quite the busy time, and have been reconfiguring a few things. So without further ado, we present our latest adventure.

We'd noticed that new restaurant had sprung up- Grand Traverse Pie Co.- and since we're big fans of pie, we decided to stop in. Not only do they have tons of pies (upwards of 25 different kinds!), but they also serve lunch. So after scoping out the pie selection we enjoyed a nice lunch with our fellow restaurant goers (mostly retirees, which Chunk could not get over! They must love their pie!).

After lunch we couldn't leave without pie, so we got a mini apple pie and a regular sized Lakeshore Berry Crumb Pie. Delish!

Happy culinary adventuring!

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