Monday, April 7, 2014

Houston: A Texas Mashup

Hello dear readers! Our apologies for getting behind on updating you on our road trip to Houston, but as they say "life got in the way". But we're back now, and ready to spill on our trip!

After our initial shock of how sprawling and city-centric Houston was, we settled in for our East Texas adventure. Saturday was spent at the rodeo with our hosts. Never been to a rodeo you say? Well, neither had we. We liken it to a state fair with cowboys and cowgirls. Plus a rodeo

The nosebleed section.


The boys fell for all the cowgirls in attendance. They've got a cute little "uniform" that caught the boys' eyes - cowboy boots and shorts or a dress. I get it. Unfortunately we don't have any pics of said hotties, because, well that would have been creepy. 

The rest of our time in Houston was spent eating Tex-Mex, visiting NASA and Galveston, and hanging with our pals. We had some delicious Tex-Mex at a place called El Real which was located in an old movie theater. 

Chunk and El Real.

We also got to visit Space Center Houston, where we even got to take a tour of the historic mission control and also got to see where they build and test a lot of the equipment. It was very cool, and highly recommended especially to space buffs. And on the way down we picked up some delicious donuts from Shipley Do-Nuts - in business for over 76 years!

Since we were close to the Gulf we decided to take a quick trip to Galveston on our last night there. Too bad it wasn't warmer. We imagine that it'd be pretty fun and happening in the summer months and during spring break. 

On our journey home we stopped in Memphis for the evening, staying at the Days Inn Graceland - an Elvis themed hotel just across the street from Graceland. It even has a guitar shaped pool, which is what everyone needs!

 A successful journey to Houston from Indianapolis indeed. Have you been to Houston? What did you think?

Happy adventuring! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Little Place Known As Texas

We hit the road with excitement in our blood and passion in our hearts. Our destination? Houston, Texas. Our friends just moved there from San Francisco, and we thought what a perfect time to visit! Plus, Midwest weather was moving us to take a spring break trip somewhere. 

Located in Collinsville, IL
You know we love a good cheesy roadside attraction, so we quickly stopped at the "World's Largest Ketchup Bottle". We the headed to St. Louis (however, not really on the way) for a quick peak at the Gateway Arch. Wowza is that thing big! We nervously bought tickets to ascend to the top of the arch, but once we got loaded into the tiny pods (photo to come) to ride up to the top, all our anxieties melted away. We saw some pretty cool views of St. Louis before heading on our way to Houston. 

At the very top of the arch. 630ft!
After some frustrating traffic, delirium started to set in an we stopped at a hotel in Little Rock, AR. After deciding there wasn't much to see (sorry Arkansas!), we made the rest of the trip to Houston. Our friends M and I greeted us with open arms, and we hit up the town for some dinner and adult beverages. We'll have a ton of updates and more photos, but here's just a glimpse into our Texas road trip.

Happy adventuring! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Texas, Here We Come!

Our apologies for not being present for a while, but life has "gotten hectic" for a bit, but we're back now and headed for Texas in a few weeks! Specifically Houston and the surrounding area. And of course we are road-tripping it there! Any thoughts on what we should do or see? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wisconsin Dells: The Good, The Bad, The Cheesy

Our trip to the Dell's was spurred by a wedding in Wisconsin just a short jaunt away. And why not? While one of us had been as a kid, the other hadn't ever been. So with that we headed off. 

Our first stop? Taliesin. Frank Lloyd Wright for the win! One of Chunk's favorites. Technically we didn't visit, we just observed what we could from the outside and ate brunch at the cafe. 

Image via Taliesin
We then headed off to the Dells. Our first night we stayed in Baraboo not really knowing where to find a budget friendly hotel. We took the Original Ducks Tour on the river and had dinner at the ridiculously busy Moosejaw restaurant. The tour was great, minus the annoying, screaming kids behind us (do we sound like old folks yet?). 

We also checked out Tommy Barlett's Exploratory! Totally cool. A bit dated, but still really neat. It's a shame that more people weren't there (but lucky for us!).

After moving to Monaco Motel on the strip and breakfast at Mr. Pancake Monday morning, we headed to the Upper Dells Tour. The Upper Dells tour was more enjoyable (for us at least) than the regular tour. We got to stop at this cool area called the Witches Gulch, and we saw the famous dog jumping to Stand Rock. A 47 ft. column that H.H. Bennett photographed many times as his son jumped the chasm for him in order to capture motion.

Chunk's photo from 2013. Check out that dog!
H.H. Bennett's photo from 1886. Amazing!

Tuesday we headed to Chula Vista resort since our awesome motel gave us free waterpark passes. Unfortunately the water park was not too exciting, and actually pretty small and confusing. Instead we had lunch and headed to the famed Noah's Ark water park. We lazed about in the lazy river and enjoyed a ride in the Dark Voyage....however, we've decided that we have become water park snobs. Efficiency was severely lacking, it seemed to be under construction due to weird fencing, and the employees appeared unhappy. We definitely prefer the Disney water parks in Orlando (see our old post). 

For our last dinner we went to Sprecher's, and enjoyed some beers, good food and an amazing hard root beer float!

Anyway, we're now in Madison, relaxing at a friend's house. Here's to you and yours! Happy adventuring!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Take Us to The Dells

Later this months we'll be traveling to Wisconsin for a wedding. So we figured why not extend the trip a bit and head to The Dells? There seems like there's so much to do there, and some over the top tourist traps similar to those we found on our Niagara Falls trip (see here). Not that we're opposed to cheese, we just don't want to overpay for something that's not that great.

There's also the matter of natural attractions vs. artificial (read: amusement parks, etc) attractions. Any tips out there readers?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013's Newest Wonders of the World

Did anyone happen to catch the latest from Travel and Leisure? UNESCO (short for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) released this year's additions to the Wonders of the World, chosen for their beauty and history. Check out the story here. Beautiful, no?

Hill Forts of Rajasthan, India. (Photo: Courtesy of UNESCO/DRONAH)
Happy adventuring!


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